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I am the wilderness before the dawn. –Dao De Jing


Life of Serenity main office at the Healing House in the Center of Harmony

Laura works out of two office locations in the quaint town of Harmony, PA .

The Harmony locations are about 15 minutes north of Cranberry Twp. just off I-79, exit 88. The primary office is in the Healing House at the The Center of Harmony, 257 Mercer St., Harmony 16037, and the Harmony Community Acupuncture takes place just around the corner at the Divine Health Naturally Wholistic Wellness Center, 556 Main St., Harmony 16037.

Healing House at The Center of Harmony and Divine Health Naturally

For patients who have difficulty traveling, or for animals, I will make house visits.


Private Treatments at the Healing House – Mondays and Thursdays by appointment (normal business hours but ask if you need an exception)

Semi-private Treatments at the Healing House – Tuesdays 10-3 and Fridays 11-4 by appointment

Community Treatments at Divine Health Naturally – Tuesdays 4-8pm and Fridays 5-9pm; walk-in or by appointment


Laura now accepts insurance for acupuncture patients. In order to best serve you we can verify your insurance benefits before you arrive. Please click on the link below and complete the online form and we will contact you as soon as the benefits are established.

Verify Your Insurance


Acupuncture and adjunct therapies

Initial private visit – $90; about 85 minutes
Returning private appointments – $80; about 55 minutes
Returning semi-private appointments – $60; about 30-55 minutes

For women at least 39 weeks into pregnancy wanting to induce labor naturally, I offer acupuncture treatments for a flat rate of $250 for daily treatments until you deliver

Acupuncture appointments include any necessary adjunct therapy such as moxabustion, bodywork, cupping, guasha, Reiki, etc. Acupuncture sessions can be done without the insertion of needles – ask if you’re interested!

Program Options

Acupuncture works best with consistency and frequency; this is a medical treatment and it will take time for your body to adjust to new levels of health. To help you make this commitment for yourself and to help you see your best results more quickly, I offer the following programs:

Serenity Program – Twice weekly private sessions for five weeks. Includes your first herbal formula for 30% off and one free treatment at the end of the five weeks (which is transferable to a friend or family member in need – they just pay the difference for an initial visit). $800

Harmony Program – Twice weekly semi-private sessions for five weeks. Includes your first herbal formula for 30% off and one free treatment at the end of the five weeks (which is transferable to a friend or family member in need – they just pay the difference for an initial visit). $600

Balance Program – Twice weekly community sessions for five weeks. Includes first herbal formula for half off. $300

Programs are pre-paid and nonrefundable; however, any unused treatments will go into the Community Fund to be donated to those in need.

Chinese Herbal Consultations

Initial visit – $60+ for the consultation and a customized formula*; about 55 minutes
Returning visits – $30+ for the brief consultation and a revised customized formula*; about 25 minutes
Herbal refills – call ahead, see *note below

*Unfortunately, there is no way to predict exactly how much your herbal formula will cost. I order through Urban Herbs Company in Colorado (a fantastic company whose mission is to be an herbal pharmacy accessible to low-income patients), and they will mail your herbs directly to you. Usually, one weeks’ worth of herbs costs around $40-$50, but it can be more for more complex cases and it can be less for simpler cases. If cost is a concern, please let me know.

Community Acupuncture

Sliding scale, $15-$40, you decide what to pay. See Community Acupuncture.

Distance Reiki/Acupuncture

$45 – 30 minutes
$80 – 60 minutes

Using Reiki techniques, I can send Qi to any combination of acupuncture points on your body for a combined Reiki-acupuncture treatment session across any distance. I will call you at our appointed time and we will briefly talk about what you are seeking treatment for. Then we will hang up, I will perform the treatment, and call you again when we are done to discuss what I observed, answer questions, and generally cap off the session.

Animal "Qi Grooming" Treatments

$20 – about 15-20 minutes

These prices are for any type of animal, and I will travel to your home for large animals for a $70 barn fee.

Serving Southwestern Pennsylvania
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Your health is important. If finances are tight and community style acupuncture doesn’t work for your situation, let me know. We will figure out an exchange that works for both of us.


You can now book your appointment and fill out the initial paperwork online.

Book Appointment

Or, if you prefer, old-fashioned telephoning still works at 724-453-4335.

Serving Southwestern Pennsylvania
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