The law of yin and yang is the natural order of the universe, the foundation of all things, mother of all changes, the root of life and death. In healing, one must grasp the root of the disharmony, which is always subject to the law of yin and yang. –The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine


The over-2,000-year-old practice (some say up to 5,000 years old!) of tapping needles into people’s bodies in order to cure their ailments is growing in the West at an unprecedented rate. Though modern studies are just beginning in the field of scientific research, they are confirming what the people of Eastern Asia have known to be true for thousands of years: that acupuncture is effective for treating a vast range of conditions, from physical pain to emotional pain, from women’s health to athletic injury.

The needles we use today are sterile, one-time use, and much, much thinner than you will find at your M.D.’s office. Many people report not even feeling them go in, and some say it feels like a mosquito bite–but without the incessant itching afterward.

If the thought of needles makes you queasy, non-insertive techniques and modalities are available. Just ask!

Chinese Herbal Medicine

A powerful therapy that corrects your body’s disharmony all day, every day until you return for your next appointment. Chinese herbal medicine is thousands of years old and includes hundreds of “herbs,” which not only include plant parts like roots, leaves, bark, and flowers, but also rocks, shells, and even some animal products that you would rather not know about. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, let me know and we can find alternatives if your formula requires an animal product.

Animal Treatments

Using a combination of non-insertive acupuncture therapy and Asian bodywork, I treat animals of all types. At this point, I will travel to your home to treat your animal rather than having your animal come to an office.

Acupuncture Socials

Unsure about trying acupuncture?  Have friends who are unsure about trying acupuncture?

Consider hosting an Acupuncture Social: a community-style treatment for you and your friends, at your house. You provide the refreshments; I provide the acupuncture. After 15-20 minutes of discussion and Q&A on acupuncture and Oriental Medicine basics, you and your friends will settle into chairs or lie on yoga mats on the floor and you will each receive a treatment. Treatments will vary slightly from person to person, and as I make my way around the room, you are free to talk and share sensations or thoughts with each other, or simply relax into the calming effect of the treatment. Guests are asked for a modest contribution for the treatment, but no one is required to get a treatment to attend the Social.

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